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this painting…

I’m one of those people that has a hard time putting a label on what I have come to know to be my life’s work. An artist, painter, inventor…creating a conduit of healing through these physical manifestations I make with my hands that are somehow divinely channeled. Seriously. I have a hard time describing it to someone. 

I feel that experiences with my own personal healing over the last decade have been my biggest teachers. It has always included art, every step of the way as well as the esoteric arts and becoming reiki 2 attuned this past year. 

For me, it was necessary to stop lying to myself and do the work I was called to do on this planet. It required going to the darkest places, looking at my own humanness, my insecurities, obsessions, codependency, sexual name the dark place in your life you have a hard time is truly uncomfortable to realize you are the only reason you aren’t where you want to be, isn’t it? It’s also the moment of true freedom. I work at it everyday. 

My perception has always been, that you will see your personal story, your own healing, in what I create. A collector’s partner told me that one of my paintings had facilitated a difficult discussion with a young family member. Personally, a moment that sticks out for me is seeing someone cry while standing in front of my painting at a show. They said it was a reminder of a family member that had passed some years earlier. In those moments, seconds really, everything goes quiet and my heart sings. What I created became the bridge that linked our souls. It is right in the moment, real time healing for us both. Even if we never see each other again we actually met on this vast planet to bring this unique healing to each other. That to me is such a gift. There are no coincidences. 

Becoming Reiki 2 attuned has just added that beautiful energy intention when I am creating the work. After I finish a piece I use several modalities to direct the intention that this physical manifestation of healing that I have created with my own hands is sent to whomever sees it straight from the universe and their own guides and ancestors. It becomes the actual tool for you to heal yourself. 

What story is it weaving for you?

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